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“If nothing ever changed, there’d be no butterflies.” – Unknown

Change can be scary, but in my experience, it has always been good.  This monarch landed in front of my brother, sister-in-law, and I when we were doing a shoot for their baby announcement.  It was just so perfectly timed.  It’s a big change for a lot of people, but it will be a good!

Looking for Adventure


This photo reminds me of the little girl I used to be, in love with adventure books and hoping to be swept away on some amazing journey.  I still love adventures (and books!), but now I know how to make my own, real life ones!


Meet Aiko.  He is my best friend and partner in everything.  He also happens to feature in many of my shoots so get used to seeing him!

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A Bit of Nature

One of my favourite things to take pictures of is nature.  To catch the sun, or get just the right angle of the stump, or mushroom, or tree…  Sometimes when I’m not feeling myself, I take my dog, my camera, and myself, and disappeared into the forest for a bit.  These are my favourites from my last escape!


The Journey Begins

Well, WordPress gave me this title, and it seems fitting. I have played with the idea of a photography blog to share my adventures and struggles and education in photography… So here we go!

(Please don’t mind how terrible it all looks while I try and figure this out!)